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Boi Chino

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Boi Chino is 24yo, stands 5'8" with a 6" cock. He was originally born in Richmond, BC, Canada and moved to the U.S. in 2014. He currently works as a tour guide and has done some print modeling for Amazon Merchants.

One of Boi's items on his "bucket list" was to be in a gay porn video. We'd all agree at this point that he can scratch that one off the list. In his first video he bottomed for Trevor Stone in Man-A-Cum-Loudly and its sequel. His performance was nothing short of stellar.

When not working, Boi likes to travel and take road trips. Is it any wonder he works as a tour guide? He enjoying heading down to the beach and doing some camping. Around the house, he enjoys gardening. As for a partner, the qualities he looks for are maturity, stability, honesty, a sense of humor and be open minded.

While Boi prefers to bottom when it comes to sex, he said "I have topped for the right guy."

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19 Jan 18
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31 Dec 17
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