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Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Cock: 6.5"

Ryo comes from Hokkaido, where he studies and works part time. But having the chance to model for Japanboyz and hookup with all those hot guys made it worthwhile for him to make the trip into Tokyo to become part of the "gang'. Things are a bit slow in Hokkaido, so this horny young guy finds himself at home jerking off a lot. He's gay and single but once everyone has a chance to see this shy and sweet bottom boy, he may not stay single for long! And he's got a special place in his heart for older men.

Featured In

Kouya Gets the Ryo Treatment
15 Dec 23
17 22:40
Ryo, Meet Koki!
03 Nov 23
11 19:23
Taping Up Ryo
06 May 22
17 22:30
Fuji Fucks the Masked Man
07 Jan 22
10 20:46
Reaching Ryo's Magic Button
26 Nov 21
11 21:01
Hiroya Works Ryo's Booty
06 Aug 21
12 17:54
Ryo's Debut
09 Jul 21
26 24:42

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