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Fuji started filming with Japanboyz in 2013 at the age of 23. With his boyish good looks and charm, you wouldn't have thought him to be more than 18 at the time. Fuji also comes across shy and timid, but don't let that fool you; he's a tigress in the sack.

Fuji did some work with our partner site, BoysStarMovie, and has performed with various models; most notably Shosei, Kaoru and Makoto and featured in the series "Boys Will Be Boys." He's one of those models many studios would love to have on their payroll. He's comfortable performing as a top or bottom and fills either roll equally as well.

In Fuji's personal life, he works as a part-time "Money Boy" fulfilling the fantasies of his clients. There's no doubt that experience has helped his career on camera.

In early 2015, Fuji took a break during which time we heard from many of our members asking "What happened to Fuji?" Everyone needs a break from time to time from the busy lifestyle in Tokyo as well as the camera; a time to "regroup." You can imagine how happy it made us all when Fuji returned in January 2016. When looking at Fuji, it's as if time stood still, he doesn't look a day older than when he first started in 2013.

Featured In

Fuji's New Boy Sano
01 Feb 19
Starting the New Year Right
11 Jan 19
70 25:52
Fuji Goes Deep into Tattooed Yusaku
14 Dec 18
115 21:56
Fuji Initiates New Boy Jotaro
23 Nov 18
60 21:35
Halloween Treat for Fuji and Kento
26 Oct 18
Fuji Pumps Kenshin Fast and Hard
12 Oct 18
47 18:37
Fuji Rabbit Fucks Takumi
07 Sep 18
61 28:56
Fuji Gives Saburo a Hot Hard Welcome
12 Aug 18
50 24:06
Riku Mounts Fuji
03 Aug 18
52 19:16
Fuji Mounts New Boy Yuto
29 Jun 18
55 26:33
Fuji Fucks Muscle Boy Tomoya
22 Jun 18
69 21:06
Hot Hook-Up!
01 Jun 18
63 19:32

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